The Prosper Initiaitve:

Carbon Emissions Reduction Program





Building Healthier Community Infrastructure for the Prosper Initiative

“ T H I N K   G L O B A L L Y,   A C T   L O C A L L Y ”

Prosper Initiative team will take a leadership role in cultivating a diverse and skilled workforce in the utility sector by adopting the “Prosper Initiative” programs that can be replicated across the global marketplace.

In conjunction with community partners, we will seek to offer guidance and leadership to develop regional green ethos:

  • Promoting environmental sustainability and energy efficiency

  • Encouraging involvement of businesses, residents, and visitors

  • Educating citizens about how their individual efforts can make a difference

  • Publicizing green initiatives and marketing the region’s quality of life

  • Attracting green investment in infrastructure development projects

  • Stimulating the creation of job training, certification and placement opportunities

  • Promoting Edutainment and Enterprise Network with Wi-Fi technology

  • Providing empowerment tools for entrepreneurs

  • Promoting small & home-based business franchise opportunities

  • Leveraging new clean-tech technologies and manufacturing opportunities

  • Facilitating sustainable smart growth community development projects

The key factor to the success of this endeavor will be PISA’s ability to link and communicate with our strategic partners across regional hubs. Establishing data conferencing, distance learning and dedicated enterprise networking capabilities, PISATV (Prosper Initiative Strategic Alliance Television) will be the springboard to successful interaction with government agencies, other nonprofit outreach centers, their partners and administrators. The following lists our potential governmental strategic partners with access to contracts, participants as job seekers (end-users), tax credits, support programs and grants:  

  • Housing and Urban Development

  • Housing Authorities

  • Veterans Administration

  • Department of Justice

  • Department of Labor

  • Department of Commerce

  • Department of Energy

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Health, Education and Welfare

  • Local and State Municipal Agencies  

Creating Eco-Centers for communities to gather, learn and communicate with one another, these Eco-Centers will support basic human social needs and will establish a sense of ownership, to launch its participants into the new World Green Economy and “bridge the digital and economic divide.”

Delivering Sustainable Community Development Solutions