The Prosper Initiaitve:

Carbon Emissions Reduction Program

Providing the tools for Community Empowerment through

Assessment, Strategic Planning and Partnerships

The world is going through an economic upheaval and transformation.  Each nation is trying to establish a strategic geo-economic position within the global marketplace.  These positions will be determined, not by how rich or poor the nation is, but rather the quality and skills of its workforce.  In preparing communities for the new regional and global economy, we must understand that our human resources and human relations are our primary assets, and must become the immediate focus of our attentions.  We must participate in the organization, integration, and dissemination of resources and information that will stimulate individual empowerment and entrepreneurship.


We're Revitalizing the Economic Landscape of Rural and Urban Communities

The following information is a blueprint for an exciting project designed to accomplish this worthy goal.   We are confident you will agree, and we are hopeful you will want to participate in its history.


“ T H I N K   G L O B A L L Y,   A C T   L O C A L L Y ”

The quintessential paradox facing us (as 'a People') is that we will only advance as a group, yet we will have to make the decision to unify personally, one by one.  Perhaps it will help us to realize that in our historic cultures, personality or individual talents and gifts were seen as tools given to us or shared with us for the purpose of making our unique contribution to the harmony and good of the whole.  Our power resides in precisely this diversity, as it takes five fingers make a hand. The overall purpose is to use it for the co-creation of harmony, uplift, and assist in the good of all.


At the same time, rural and urban, underserved and disenfranchised areas of our country are simply falling behind.  Even though technology is essentially borderless, people in these areas are at a disadvantage in many ways.  The economies of these areas are not nearly as vibrant as it could be, and we are running the risk of a permanently divided economy where there are islands of wealth within a greater sea of poverty.

However, the situation is certainly not hopeless.  There is a way to bridge this divide of resource inequity to provide it to people in these areas that will help them to help themselves. We can bring the Age of Information to them through delivery channels of knowledge - education, training, support and an infrastructure to compete, survive and succeed in the New Economy and beyond.  Most importantly, this can be accomplished in a very rewarding and do-able way:  a symbiotic and profitable relationship between business, local government, non-profit organizations and everyday Americans.

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